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YEO Network's power is in the capacity of its members to support and amplify one another's work. It is important for many reasons - most of all in that it is an organizing mechanism for current and future leaders of our nation.
Neighborhood Councilman Wesley Farrow, Los Angeles, CA
YEO Network is needed! I can't think of any other group like this. YEOs have to know that there are others like them in this country. The sharing of policy ideas is extremely valuable.
State Rep. Clem Smith, St. Louis, MO
YEO is a tremendous asset. It's an opportunity to innovate and advance progressive policy change.
Mayor Nathan Triplett, East Lansing, MI
The YEO network is an extremely vital tool for young elected officials across the country. This [National Convening] is a helpful tool for policy and procedure that is applicable to our fight on the home front of Winston-Salem, NC.
City Councilman James Taylor, Winston-Salem, NC
News Highlights

Missouri YEO Reflects on Poll’s Race Relations Findings

Missouri YEO Antonio French reflected on a recent Gallup survey that found African Americans ranked race relations as the nation’s most important issue. The St. Louis alderman said that while many believed President Obama’s election would help ease America’s racial tensions, the historic occurrence had the opposite effect. “We try to make our white constituents […]

News Highlights

St. Louis YEOs Race to Raise Minimum Wage

Time is running out to raise the minimum wage in St. Louis, Missouri. YEOs Aldermen Shane Cohn and Christine Ingrassia are sponsoring a bill to raise their city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. Board Bill 83, which uses the state’s minimum wage of $7.65 as a floor on which to build successive […]

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