Rhode Island YEO Passes Net Metering Expansion

June 22, 2016

Renewable energy legislation cleared the Rhode Island General Assembly last week, including a provision by YEO Aaron Regunberg that expands net metering. The practice allows those who sell the renewable energy they generate back to the grid to receive a credit on their bill, but only if they have solar panels or other generating equipment on their property. Regunberg’s bill expands net metering to the 75% of state residents without sufficient rooftop solar generating capacity, including those in apartments and affordable housing. “As we transition to a clean energy economy, we can’t leave anyone behind, so it is critical that we open net metering to all Rhode Islanders – not just those who can afford to build a full system individually,” he noted. Regunberg was a participant in the 2016 Clean Energy & Environmental Justice Policy Academy.

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