Protect Our Women

December 20, 2017

Today, we are seeing a movement being led by many strong women who are speaking out and sharing personal experiences of facing sexual assaults and harassment by not only men in powerful positions but in every day encounters.

This episode of Inclusive America sheds light on this movement and showcases community leaders and state and local elected officials, who are fighting to create a cultural shift to not only bring awareness to sexual harassment but to also put an end to it. These community leaders are holding perpetrators accountable, and using their platform to empower and uplift the voices of impacted women.

We hosted three very distinct guests who shared unique perspectives regarding the work around sexual harassment and assisting victims of rape around the country.

Here are the time stamps for each guest:

02:50: Amanda Nguyen, Founder of Rise, a national organization to support and uplift victims of rape.

23:05: Evan Low, California State Assemblyman

39:17: Mae Flexer, Connecticut State Senator


Evan Low

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