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The Front Line Leaders Academy (FLLA) provides values-based trainings and leadership development to communities seeking positive social change but with less access to political institutions.

We work with our network of alumni and young elected officials to create a sustained community and curriculum for each fellowship class.

Our vision is to create a new political system of truly representative government that gives voice for youth and marginalized communities.

Fellows selected for the program participate in four three-day weekend trainings over the course of the six month program. These trainings cover a wide range of political and organizing skills and tactics, including how to be an effective campaign manager, finance director, communications director, field organizer and candidate. By graduation, FLLA Fellows have developed a wide range of political skills and have compiled a resources workbook that will help them to be effective local leaders.

Do you know someone that would be an ideal FLLA Los Angeles Fellow? If so, please fill out the 2016 – 2017 FLLA Nomination Form!

If you have any questions please check out our Frequently Asked Questions!


Below you will find a list of FAQs that are often asked in regards to the Front Line Leaders Academy program.

Still have questions? Email Karen Schillinger at or give her a call at (202) 467-2368.

Who should apply to the FLLA program?

The Front Line Leaders Academy looks for potential Fellows who are interested in developing the skills needed to be a campaign manager, run field operations, execute a communications plan, fundraise or run for office themselves. Fellows will learn these skills from successful young elected officials and campaign experts. The ideal FLLA Fellow is someone who is looking to build a foundation of knowledge and a network of like-minded, progressive individuals to support, encourage and serve as inspiration. For the 2017 Front Line Leaders Academy class, we are looking for leaders who currently reside in Los Angeles County.

Do you have to be a college student to apply? What is the age range of participants?
No. Like the YEO Network and YP4, our focus is on progressive young leaders aged 18 to 35.

If I am currently in office, can I be in the FLLA program?
The program is designed to train young leaders to gain basic political skills and expertise and increase their level of civic participation. If you are already a young elected official and are interested in fine-tuning your skills, please contact the YEO Network which specifically works to provide a network of support and resources for public servants just like you.

If I am currently running for office, can I be in the FLLA program?
Any individuals who are declared candidates or those who anticipate imminently declaring candidacy for elected office may only participate in FLLA if they pay for all costs associated with the training sessions. Please contact Karen Schillinger at for more information.

How long does the FLLA program last? What are the time commitments of FLLA?
From acceptance to graduation, FLLA lasts six months. During these months, FLLA Fellow attend four in-person full weekend conferences, complete with both group and individual assignments between the weekend trainings. After FLLA concludes, graduates are encouraged to stay connected with People For the American Way Foundation to further nurture their work in the progressive movement.

2016-2017 Front Line Leaders Academy Los Angeles Training Dates:

  • March 24 – 26, 2017:  Candidacy Learning Circle
  • May 5 – 7, 2017:  Field and Finance Learning Circle
  • June 30 – July 2, 2017: Communication and Campaign Management Learning Circle
  • August 11 – 13, 2017: Graduation Weekend

How much does FLLA cost?

There is a one-time tuition fee of $250 to be paid before graduation weekend. Beyond this fee, the only costs associated include travel and some meals. Scholarships are available on an individual basis.

Provided that you are not a paid-campaign staff member and/or do not become a declared candidate for public office during the term of the Academy, you will NOT be charged any fees in addition to the tuition fee and the expenses listed above.

When are the conferences? Are they required?
There are four, three-day weekend (Friday-Sunday) conferences that will cover five important topics: candidacy, field, finance, communications, and campaign management. Fellows are required to attend the four weekend trainings and must complete all assignments (which culminate in a full campaign plan) before graduation.

Still have questions? Email YEO’s Coordinator of Advanced Leadership Karen Schillinger at or give her a call at (202) 467-2368.

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